Add Friends Who Aren't Contacts

Feature Description

Currently, Prospeqs allows you to add friends only if those friends are already in your contacts list. But we’ve many requests to expand the friend-finding capability. So the feature we’re working on now is the ability to connect with your Facebook friends on Prospeqs.

How Facebook friend connections will work

After logging into Prospeqs, you’ll navigate to the Friends screen. From there, tap on the My Contacts option at the top of the screen. There, you’ll see a list of your phone contacts who are also Prospeqs users. You can add any of those people to your friends list by tapping “Add As Friend.”

You’ll also see a blue button labeled, “Connect with Facebook.” Tap there, and accept the permissions that follow. We only use your Facebook information to find your friends; Prospeqs will never post anything on your behalf. Once you connect to Facebook, you’ll see any Facebook friends who also use Prospeqs as long as those friends have enabled the Facebook connection. This is important: since friends can only see each other the app if they’ve both enabled the Facebook connection in Prospeqs, we need to spread the word! Once this feature goes live, you can help by reminding your Facebook friends to connect to Facebook within Prospeqs.

This feature was launched in December, 2019.

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