Known Issue for Android Subscribers

In the last 10 days, Google Play has unsubscribed some of our premium Android users. No rides, videos, photos, or data has been lost. You have been affected if:

  • You have the Android version of Prospeqs
  • You had a premium subscription
  • You recently received a message that your subscription was cancelled, or you are no longer able to upload videos.

To resolve the issue, please take these steps:

  • Visit your Google Play settings to verify that Prospeqs is no longer listed as one of your subscriptions. To do so, open the Google Play app on your Android phone or tablet. Make sure you’re signed in to the right account. Tap Menu > Subscriptions.
  • Log out of Prospeqs.
  • Reopen and log into Prospeqs. Tap Profile in the tray menu.
  • Tap upgrade to premium just beneath the edit profile button. Follow the prompts to resubscribe. If you do not see an upgrade button on this page, you may need to clear the app cache by uninstalling and reinstalling.
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