How to Find Your Friends in Prospeqs

You can find the Friends area in Prospeqs by tapping More. On the My Friends screen on iOS, you’ll see a menu at the top right that has two options.

  1. My Friends: All users who’ve been added as Friends by you. You can only share rides and media with the people on your My Friends list.
  2. My Contacts: Anyone who is a registered user on Prospeqs and is also in the Contacts list on your phone will appear on this list.

To add a Friend in Prospeqs, first check the My Contacts list. If your friend is already a registered user and is in your Contacts on your phone, that friend will appear on this list. Search for your friend and then tap Add as Friend. You can now share rides with that friend or manage your relationship with that person by tapping My Friends in the upper right corner.

Android users: The finding friends functionality has been temporarily disabled as of November, 2020. This is due to ongoing issues with the Google Play store associated with this feature. However, we are in the process of rebuilding the entire friends module for a better experience and better functionality. We expect this to be completed in early 2021.

How to find Facebook friends

You can now connect with your Facebook friends in Prospeqs. Navigate to My Friends > My Contacts. You’ll see a “Connect to Facebook” button at the top. Log in to Facebook there, and any Facebook friends who use Prospeqs will show in the list below and you can add them as Friends. Important: you’ll only see friends who’ve connected to Facebook in the app. Since this is a new feature as of December, 2019, your Facebook friends may not have connected. You can help spread the word with a reminder to your friends to connect!



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