How and When to Use Hashtags on Prospeqs

You can add hashtags to any ride — just type them into the box, separated by a space, that’s just below the ride notes area.

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Hashtags for riding goals

You want to use hashtags to give yourself another way to categorize your ride entries. Since the ride filter allows you to filter on hashtag, you can easily find any rides to which you’ve added a meaningful tag.

In practice, you might create hashtags for specific riding goals that you’re working on, like keeping your hands up (#handsup) or counting strides in the corner (#counting). When you accomplish these things on a specific day, you can record your success with that hashtag. Then later, you can go back and review all the times you achieved that goal.

Hashtags for maintenance

You can also use hashtags and ride entries to record maintenance work or vet visits. For example, you might create a “ride” anytime your horse gets injections. You could then add the detail of the injection to the ride notes area and use the hashtag “maintenance.” Then you’ll have a running list of that maintenance work that’s easy to access anytime.

Filtering by hashtags

Filtering by hashtag

To filter by hashtag, navigate to the Rides screen. Make sure the toggle button in the top right is on My Rides. Then find the filter icon above your rides on the right side of the screen. Tap that and scroll to the Tags section. Tap a hashtag, then Apply to see all the rides you’ve added containing that hashtag.

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