How Comments Work on Prospeqs

Comments are Prospeqs are 1:1 conversations, meaning only you, the designated friend, and (optionally) the conversation chaperone can see the conversation. Our comments work more like Facebook Messenger vs. Facebook post comments.

Things to know about comments:

  • When you share a ride with a friend, the app opens up an chat conversation with that friend (and any other friend you share the ride with).
  • You can access the chat conversation at any time by opening the ride detail screen, scrolling down, and selecting the friend’s name from the list under “Conversations.”
  • The chaperone feature is useful if you are an adult chatting with a junior. To turn on chaperone emails:
    • Add a chaperone email address to your profile. Use the email address for another adult, say your barn manager. You could also use your own email and then forward the chat emails to another person.
    • Toggle on “Copy this chat to my chaperone email” within any chat conversation.
    • The app will display your chaperone email next to “cc:” so that you and the friend in the chat can see who else is reviewing the conversation.
    • The app sends a daily email to the chaperone email address anytime new comments are added to the chat.
  • As long as you’re logged in to Prospeqs, you’ll receive a notification anytime a new comment is added to any of your chats. Tap on the notification to see the ride detail screen. Scroll down and look for the red notification showing where the new comment is.

The video below shows a quick walk-through of comments in Prospeqs.

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