How to Add a Ride (With and Without Video)

Adding a Ride with an Image or Video (Premium)

Adding video to your rides is a premium feature. If you have the video on your device or want to record a new video on your device, start by tapping Add Ride.

You’ll then tap red plus icon in the upper left corner. This will open your media gallery on your device. From here, you can pick a video that’s already recorded or record a new video by tapping video in the lower right. Then click done and enter the rest of the ride details, such as date, location, ride type and rating.

Jot down notes and add hashtags. From there, you can save the ride or share the ride. Either option adds the ride to your My Rides screen so you can later review it, edit it, share it or delete it.

Adding a Ride from Shared Media

If someone shares a video of you riding via the Share Media button, you’ll see that video on your home screen feed. Tap the plus icon on that video to save it as a ride.

Adding a Ride without an Image or Video

You can also add rides without attaching any media. To do so, tap Add Ride in the footer menu of the app. Then add your notes and save.

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